Here's Why Tyler Blackburn Was Freaked On Damaging For The 'Pretty Little Liars' Christmas Special

It possibly is without stating that stripping down to your skivvies on nationwide TV set is a daunting task. There's the whole "camera adds ten pounds" thing, the "have I already been eating a lot of sugars?" point, the "everyone on fixed is looking at me" thing, and of course, the crippling fear that your scene partner-in-nudity might seem better than you.

The latter is the panic that it seems that struck Pretty little liars" celebrity Tyler Blackburn, who will shown his under-wear - among other ridiculous things - during the "Pretty Little Liars" Christmas special tonight (December 9).

"I dress in a very nice blue suit, and then I have to dress in an elf outfit," Blackburn said. "I also dress in just my underclothing - yeah, exactly. Digest that. I'm wearing just boxers, so that was interesting. I had to do a couple of sit-ups before that.... I was standing close to Keegan Allen, he has like a 12-pack."

It's difficult to suppose Blackburn looking less-than next to anyone - also Toby Cavanaugh - but even if Caleb's abdominals fail to impress, know that he will have many opportunities to come in "How the 'A' Stole Christmas." Mostly at the Ice Ball, which will locate the Liars (and Liar-boyfriends) dazzling in proper attire next to Alison's new, masked band of A-vengers.

The news gossip additional: Lucy Hale Tells Us Which 'Pretty Little Liars' Dudes Will Strip For The Christmas Specific

"We have the Ice Ball in the show, that is a huge luxurious event, where we get to keep tabs on Alison," tyler blackburn continued. "We surely have the episode creepy still, however there's as well numerous fantastic vacation occasions. It's a good balance, I was wondering how they would do it right, but it succeeds."

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